Why I have the best horse in the world.

She certainly never made it easy and in many ways she was the wrong type of horse for me. I thought I was a reasonably good rider, but really, I knew little after riding only school horses.  Ever heard the saying “green + green = black and blue, ” well it holds true in our case!

I have come off this mare more times than I can count. She was a green TB X Clyde cross that I decided would be my next big hunter (you can laugh).  She was tall, gangly, unbalanced and jumped inverted. She tried to kick me every time I put a wrap, polo or boot on her. She was frisky and bucked me off at every opportunity. She did not have leads. She was everything a hunter is not. She was also the best thing that could have happened to me. She taught me patience and perseverance. She taught me how to sit a buck. I learned that riding is not always easy. She taught me how to find a distance (because if I did not, she was not jumping!). She taught me that some horses just want to be a horse. I learned how to be a horsewoman. And that some judges just will not like us, but that does not mean that I rode badly or have a bad horse. And most of all she made me a better rider.

This mare became my Children’s Hunter on the A circuit and later my Ammie Owner Hunter. We made it to the National Hunter Derbies and EVEN placed with top riders.

But more importantly she taught me the joy of hacking and galloping through fields (even if she bucked me off a few times). We went on trail rides for Breast Cancer and even tried eventing. We rode into town, over bridges and past baseball fields. She allowed little kids to run over and see us.  She gave my friend’s step-dad the joy of riding again after cancer and a stroke.  We just had fun when I needed it most. She has never been easy, but she has also made me a better rider. She is my once in a lifetime horse.

Somehow we made it to the show ring and even looked good:

derby win
Reserve Champion in a Hunter Derby.
Competing in a National Hunter Derby
Winner winner!
A National Hunter Derby at the Caledon Equestrian Park.
Looking regal.
She was approved for the RPSI mare book.

The important parts:

A hack into town.
Galloping bareback through the fields.
The first time I ever competed in eventing. She went into this with no practice and we brought home 2nd!
Dressed up for the trail ride for Beast Cancer.
Riding through fresh powder.
Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.53.34 PM
And best of all, goofing off.

Have you ever had that special horse?

13 thoughts on “Why I have the best horse in the world.

  1. Great photo’s of you and your horse, I do not own a horse but I shoot people and their horses. I have shot some of the jumping events, heck I like any event with horses. Good luck on the riding and I do like to hear from the horse world.

  2. I have never been around horses much Maegan, the times I have had the opportunity to ride, I have absolutely loved it.
    In the local fair, I always take in the horse jumping competition. Always amazed by the training that must take place, and the trust and communication between the rider and horse.
    Great article about a very special horse. Thank you for sharing this very important part of your life! 🙂

      1. Great! I’m happy to have you! Thank you for coming in to read – it’s always inspirational to see what others are doing, isn’t it!?

  3. I did have a really special horse that I had to sell when I left for college. The girl who bought him loved him too. One sad day he got into some cow feed and foundered, but she nursed him back to health. Later, after she suffered a terrible car accident in which they didn’t know if she would walk again, he was the only one she would trust to get back on. She learned to ride again on his back. He is gone now, but gave two girls the ride of a lifetime!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to following your adventures.

    1. Hi Tracy, he sounds like such a wonderful horse. Those are the types who will stay in our memories forever. Thank you for sharing, it is great to hear from fellow horse lovers. -Maegan

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