Honey Harbour and Beausoleil Island

We have been spending much more time at the cottage this year, due to covid. My skydiving might be suffering (we are not comfortable with jumping yet), but wow had it been refreshing to spending some lovely warm weekends at the cottage.

The cottage is just outside Honey Harbour, which is in the Canadian shield and is boat access only. Every time we boat into the cottage we pass Beausoleil Island and I’ve always wanted to stop and explore it!

Beausoleil Island

Last fall we finally did just that. Beausoleil Island is part of the Georgian Bay Island National Park and offers camping, hiking, biking and the island has a kids camp as well. The island is quiet large, so we only explored the north end of it.

The island is also part of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve and this area is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve. How cool is that to have this so close to home? This island is definitely a little known hidden gem, that is also not too far from Toronto.

We thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon hiking the beautiful landscape and exploring the camping area.

How to get here

Beausoleil island is boat access only, so you have to either have access to a boat, hire a water taxi/boat over or take the ferry. The ferry leaves from Honey Habour, but doesn’t go frequently and COVID may effect this further, so call before making the drive!

You will also have to pay an entry fee upon arrival depending on your planned use of the park and if you will be docking and boat, so bring cash or book in advance! It is self serve.

And most importantly have fun in this beautiful area!

3 thoughts on “Honey Harbour and Beausoleil Island

  1. That’s great to see you’re out there enjoying it. Eating my heart out that there will be no Canadian adventures this year. Unless I paddle across the big pond.

    1. Thanks! Aww that’s too bad. I’m hoping we will be back to something more normal by next year.

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