Escaping under the sea.

That is me! Up close and personal with a barracuda!


I may have been reluctant to visit Mexico from an all-inclusive perspective, but with adventure in my heart, we were able to make the trip into an exciting experience.

We did several day trips and one of my favorites was a snorkeling trip to swim with sea turtles. As luck would have it, I spent much more time swimming with a barracuda than the turtles. Personally, I thought this was pretty cool, but not everyone was as exited. Oh well, more fun for me!

We stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe tulum, which is a great resort as it has many excursions. They also do scuba diving lessons, which I would have done if time allowed. We booked this trip a day in advance at the on site snorkel and water sport shop.

On the day of we walked the beach to the meeting spot, waded out to the boat and were off. It could not have been much more convenient!

The reef/coral was a bit lacking, but the waters were calm and clear. We saw our fair share of underwater life and our guides made sure we had an opportunity to see the turtles.

I was on the fence about wearing my ‘skin,’ but I was so glad I did. It served the double purpose of preventing sunburn and keeping me warm — the water quickly feels cold when you are submerged in it.

Overall a great experience and I can only hope to scuba dive next trip!



6 thoughts on “Escaping under the sea.

  1. The barracuda is SO cool.
    I have wondered about the “all inclusive” trips, if there would be any opportunity to explore, enjoy some adventure and experience another culture. Perhaps every place would be different, but this looks like a really neat experience.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Swimming with a barracuda was such a cool experience! I still prefer getting right in to the culture, but there certainly are some fun experiences that can be had from a resort if you look for them! 🙂 we spend another fun afternoon sea kayaking from ones we rented at the resort. We spent a lot of time being thrown out of them, but that just made it more fun!

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