Celebrating 300 skydives in Mexico

I recently got to skydive on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico again! We have friends who work with Skydive Vallarta in the winters, so it made perfect sense to combine skydiving and our tropical vacation.


The skydiving season was slow this year because of poor weather and our busy schedules, so I welcomed the opportunity to make some extra jumps. Many skydiving friends were in Puerto Vallarta around the same time, so this turned into the perfect skydiving vacation. This was nothing like the “boogies” I have been to where making as many jumps as possible is the goal, but more of a relaxed way to add skydiving into our vacation.


I also got to help ring in my 300th jump while we were in Mexico. In the big picture, 300 jumps is not that much for skydivers, but I was still really excited to celebrate. Several people from my “home” dropzone were on the jump, as well as the guy who taught me to skydive. How cool is that?


My primary discipline is now freeflying (a type of vertical skydiving), but we elected to do the jump on our bellys, so more people could participate. I was pretty nervous, as I really don’t jump this way anymore, but that jump turned out to be absolutely amazing! I even got to come into the middle of our formation before it all broke apart and the jumped ended.

I can’t think of a better celebration in the sky!  Enjoy some photos and videos (I am in the pink)!

Videos of skydiving in Mexico


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