Reverse bucket list.

I have been feeling pretty uninspired as of late. Maybe it’s an early life crisis.  Recently I have worked towards furthering my education, but I realized I have hit many other milestones that I should be proud of.

I decided to write a reverse bucket list. Instead of what I still need to accomplish, I have decided to write a list of bucket list-like goals I have already achieved. It is time to be grateful for what I have!  Everyone should try this!

  1. Finish University with a Honors degree.
    I was diagnosed with cancer during my second year, so two operations and several courses of radiation + doctors appointments made this goal seem unattainable at times. University also allowed me to compete on the IHSA equestrian team, which provided a sense of accomplishment and normalcy.



  2. Have an article published.
    And I got to write about horses!

    Photos and article!


  3. Zipline across North America.
    I have ziplinned in Quebec City, Barrie, and Napa Valley

    Sanoma Canopy Tours


  4. Horseback ride in most countries I have visited.
    Well the obvious is at home in Ontario, but I have also ridden GP horses in Pennsylvannia, rode on a beach in Spain, and galloped through a forest in Mexico.

    Beach ride in Andalusia, Spain.


  5. Place in a Hunter Derby.
    After a fall in the warm-up, I came 10th in a National Hunter Derby. Just the victory gallop with pros like Erynn Ballard was amazing. Last year I was Reserve Champion in a smaller, but still well attended derby.

    Reserve Champ!


  6. Skydive
    And love it enough to continue to pursue it.

    First jump!


  7. Rekindled my love of art
    I started drawing again and continue to improve every day. It is amazing to me that people actually want to commission portraits!

    A dog commission.


  8. Have the ability and opportunity to go back to school.
    It is the road I am headed on and I couldn’t be more grateful.

    More school anyone?


  9. Drive a horse carriage
    I have wanted to do this for almost as long as I have been riding. By utter fluke, I applied for a driving job that was willing to teach me! I did that while in University and still occassionally get to fill in at weddings or drive a hay wagon.

    Wedding time!

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  1. What an impressive list! More importantly, you live in the moment which is a great lesson for all us. Good luck with the academia slog. It’s worth it in the end 🙂 All the best, Terry (nandagikendancanoe)

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