It’s official! I will be attending Humber in January to obtain a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations!

I received great feedback during my interview, but it was a carefully guarded secret between my family and close friends, until I knew for sure.



The preparation was stressful! I took advantage of Guelph’s super program for alumni and attended a mock interview session. I read through pages of PR job postings and tons of blogs from past students. I bought a subscription to the Globe and Mail and utilized other news outlets. The interview consisted of a group information/question session, followed by a 60 minute written essay question, and finally a personal interview ending in a news quiz.  I was not expecting the essay question assigned, but I thought I crafted a decent response.  Although I was SO nervous, the interview went well and I got all the news questions right! I even ended up having a nice chat about past students with my interviewer.

To say I am beyond excited is an understatement. I really and truly love to write! Crafting the written word to entertain, inform, and excite is a passion. It’s a good passion to have, as during our information session the program coordinator said PR is about 80% writing.  It is ironic really – I had horrible reading comprehension and spelling until nearly grade 3!  I guess things come full circle.  As many of you know, I studied Journalism out of high school, and although I loved many things about it, I always felt there was something else for me.  So it was off the University, which was one of the best times of my life.

Guelph – the university, the people and the town take a hold. I learned so much – both in school and about myself during my time there. The campus is beyond beautiful – old buildings and greenery mixed with modern additions. I also would not trade my experience on the IHSA Equestrian team for anything. There is something special about cramming into a car with team members, stopping for a late night dinner with the team to lament another border crossing (apparently equestrian teams are endlessly entertaining to border guards), and waking up early to attend a horse show where you do not ride your day’s mount until you are cantering the first jump. I think I even loved the crunch of studying for midterm/finals or getting that essay in on time.

A bit of a tangent, but obviously I loved Guelph. The only downside is it probably un-taught everything I learned about writing while studying Journalism – something I will have to relearn for PR. Essay writing has a way of doing that.

So…onwards and upwards, and on to my next adventure. I am sure those 8 months are going to be crazy, but I can’t wait.

3 Comments on “Accepted!!

  1. Hi maegan
    Congrats to you and wishing you good luck in your new school and all the best with your course.
    Love and hugs’

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