Beach adventure on horseback: Lake Ontario

IMG_7590It has been a slow year for horseback riding. Unfortunately, last fall Miss Scout pulled the check ligament and the superior digital flexor tendon in both front legs. At the time and because she was, I thought it was the end of her riding career. She recovered better than expected with the help of great vets, rest, and lots of shock wave therapy.

She may never jump the big jumps again, but at 17 I really can’t complain. As August drew to a close, we were cantering more and I thought a beach adventure sounded perfect!


I previously went to the beach with horses, but we discovered a much more local beach. This involved parking in a busy lot, but the horses were surprisingly well behaved. We met a few people along the way that asked to pet the horses, but otherwise the ride to the beach was uneventful.


We emerged on the beach with dark clouds threatening overhead that drove the crowds away. This was perfect for us. We went fairly deep in the water, but no one succeed in getting a horse to swim. We puttered around in the water and along the beach before heading home.

It was a lovely afternoon and we hope to make it back this fall!

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