Kayaking at Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

Beautiful view.

Unfortunately this year was not great for backcountry camping. Between school, internships, skydiving and life in general, it just didn’t happen. I am still attempting to plan something for the fall, but day trips may be it this year.

I talked about hiking at Rattlesnake Point, but another great place is the Guelph Lake Conservation Area. It’s a bit farther from the GTA, but still a manageable drive at just over an hour. Guelph Lake offers too lovely beaches, picnic areas and camping. Although I have no interest in campground camping, some of the farther sites offer a decent amount of privacy. A few campsites (which I am sure are near impossible to get) are on the lake.

The best part of Guelph Lake in my opinion though is the Kayaking! They offer Kayak rentals at hourly and daily rates.

Paddling away from the beach.

The lake is large and if there is a decent wind, it can actually produce some waves, which is kind of fun, but something to keep in mind for less experienced paddlers.  The size allows allows for a decent paddle. I actually really enjoy kayaking, but I spend most of my time in a canoe because I do long backcountry trips. I’ve not yet found an easy way to portage a kayak, so for long trips I opt for the canoe. But for an afternoon of paddling, the kayak on Guelph Lake is perfect.

It’s even possible to imagine that I am out in the interior of Algonquin if I try hard enough.

The seasons not over yet, so check out Guelph Lake! And if you have never been to Guelph, there are some amazing restaurants in the downtown area to stop for lunch or dinner, and make a day of it!

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