Gear review: Blundstone boots in rustic brown

Review of Blundstone “The Leather Lined” Classic Chelsea Boot — Rustic Brown 585, AUS Size 5.5

I love my Blundstone boots in rustic brown. I held out on buying them because I did not want to drop the money, but I am so glad it did! I wear them literally everywhere I go – for hiking, skydiving, horseback riding and to the office.

There is no doubt that these iconic boots have grown in popularity with them spotted on celebrities around the world. They are one of the most popular brands in Australia where they originated from, and “Blunnies” are engrained in their culture. I think they are way more than a fad and one of my best footwear purchases to date. I mean these puppies just will not die!

I just purchased my second pair because I wanted to try a new style. The first pair are still going strong and I am NOT kind to them. I go camping in them, wear them to the barn through mud, and clean them up and wear them to the office. I recently discovered they are really comfortable to skydive in and the tight fit make them a perfect choice! They have proved to be very durable and reliable.

Guys, I skydive in them and they still keep going!

You should buy them snug, which means they will be tough to get on for the first few weeks. I found they needed time to break in, but once that happened they were as soft a butter.

Many shoe retailers stock them, but you can find a selection online

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