Skydiving journey: three years later


Facebook recently reminded my of a memory from three years ago.

21616354_10155018717651045_3305538260150325117_nThree years ago this crazy skydiving journey started with a tandem. I thought I would do one tandem to try out skydiving since my dad was skydiver. Ithought it would be a fun way to remember him, as I always heard about it skydiving growing up from family. Well one tandem turned to two then three, and before I knew it I had enrolled in skydiving school!

Three years later and 240ish jumps I’ve met awesome new friends and get to be part of an amazing community! My life has changed in significant ways I could never imagine. I’m more confident, go for things I want and have a great support system.

I would not change one minute of it and hey it’s pretty cool to be part something my dad loved!

Tandem to skydiver….

12 thoughts on “Skydiving journey: three years later

      1. At one point it was all I would do. Or head down with a friend. Best 45 seconds you could spend money on. I was in a tunnel once and went over to my belly, I shot to the ceiling. The tunnel instructor asked, when is the last time you flew on your belly? I told him ‘only to pull’ lol. I envy you, have fun!!

      1. 255 jumps?! OMG. You are a pro. I started jumping/diving in Africa. Only did 12 jumps. And left that country. Then I got married and had kids, and decided I couldn’t really jump off an airplane…

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