The flying trapeze and Circus school

Toronto School of the Circus Arts

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Well now you don’t have to, but you can still get the experience.

The Toronto School of the Circus Arts has been around for a while, but is not often thought of when it comes to Friday night activities. In one way it feels like a hidden gem in the city. They offer adult class packages, but my favourite thing is the flying trapeze. What is even better? They have drop in flying trapeze every Friday night to try it out.

This is a great commitment free way to see what circus school is all about. Or it can be a fun night out with friends, a date night or a bachelorette party too!

I’ve tried flying trapeze a few times as a fun activity. There is a bit of adventure involved in climbing a rickety ladder onto a platform and just letting go. The teachers are professionals and most have done this for a living at some point, so it really feels like you are learning from the best.

The down lowToronto School of the Circus Arts

If you are reasonably fit, most people can try it!

Each person’s experience can be tailored to them. First time people will be given intro skills to work on. All skill levels are welcome, so more experienced fliers will use it as a practise session.

The session starts at 7pm and runs about 2 hours. Everyone usually will get three turns on the trapeze, but a smaller group may get to more turns.

Arrive early to register and bring cash for this class!


Overall, flying trapeze is a really unique activity to try and much more approachable than people realize. If you don’t live in Toronto, don’t worry because lots of circus schools are popping up around the globe. Get out and try something new!

Have you ever been to circus school?

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    1. That really cool! If I had the time to get more involved with regular classes I would love too!

  1. There is a place in Oakland my friends just went to. I couldn’t go but I think I am going to try this now. Thank you for the inspiration!

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