A hike to a frozen waterfall: Tews Falls

I get a little stir crazy during the winter months. Canadian winters can be too long. IMG_5550Recently we have received a warm spell in February, between freezing temperatures. I try and use this as an opportunity to get out and hike.

There are lots of hidden gems in our own backyards. I often forget the sheer magnitude of waterfalls within a short distance from my home. I have visited Tews Falls a few times, but never in the winter.

I haven’t seen many of these waterfalls frozen before.  We were lucky enough to hit the hiking trail after a big thaw, but before the waterfall had a chance to completely melt. IMG_5546The result was moving water trickling over a ledge to the cavern of ice below. Nature can be remarkable sometimes.

We spent some time watching this wonder of nature before deciding to hike to the lookout point over the town of Dundas.

The trail was a bit slick and muddy, so I was glad that I had grabbed my heavy work boots for the occasion. It might seem strange to hike in work boots. I started it last year for our hike to McCrae Lake and the ease of not worry about what I am stepping on, in or 5CBEC685-0BF5-44FF-BA9A-F5EC3CE6AEAFaround has won me over. Unless I am on a backcountry trip where lighter boots are preferred I always use them. You can pick some fairly priced work boots on Amazon too!

Dundas Peak has a beautiful view and is a short, but slightly hilly hike from Tews Falls. We enjoyed this view before heading back home on the remarkably warm winter day.

What hidden gems are in your backyard?


  • Tews Falls has increased in activity in the last few years – I would try and visit early in the morning or closer to dusk to avoid crowds.
  • Visitors can currently not hike between Tews and Webster Falls because of a property line. During the summer month, the conservation authority runs a shuttle service.
  • Come prepared to hike! I am always surprised what I see people try to hike in.
  • Bruce sidetrails run through Tews Falls if you’re looking for a longer hike.


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