Winter Skydiving

Skydiving in the winter


For those of us that skydive regularly, jumping can be therapeutic.

It is a brief escape from the 9 to 5 and a wonderful way to recharge. This past weekend, a fellow skydive said “this is better than going for a massage.” A good way of explaining the 15966236_10156215106772925_5507806660718724609_nrelaxation that comes from jumping.

I often forget about this phenomenon during the summer, but the long, cold and wet winters in Canada are a good reminder. Jumping is so therapeutic for the winter blues. Even more so are the beautiful winter jumps at sunset.

People, skydivers included, often ask how I jump in the winter. Not many places jump through Canadian winters,  but there is one I can count on to put jumpers in the air as soon as the runway freezes.

My answer is always that winter jumping is not that cold is you are prepared, so I have put together a list of how I prepare for them:

  • Thermal layers and then more layers: This weekend I had about 4 under layers, two thin sweaters and two jackets.
  • Buffs: I use two buffs in the winter. One to cover my neck and one over my head. This ensures nothing is exposed from my chest to helmet.
  • Closed face helmet: last year I used an open face, but keeping the wind off your face makes a big difference.
  • Wind breakers: I wear light rain pants to break the wind.
  • Good gloves: I find one pair of good quality gloves is enough. To many can get tight, make you colder and restrict movement. I have heard of some people putting surgical gloves on to stay warm, but I never have.
  • Boots: I use good quality water resistant boots with thick socks.
  • A warm plane helps!
  • Make sure you stay warm on the ground: the place I jump has a wood burning stove to warm up by.

8 thoughts on “Skydiving in the winter

  1. I’ve never heard of somebody skydiving in the winter outside of the military, that’s super cool! I’ve also heard that skydiving is very therapeutic, my friend who skydives regularly loves it.

  2. Thanks for sharing valuable tips! 🙂

    If we have to put in a few lines- How common/easy/accessible is skydive in Canadian winter? 🙂

    1. There are not many places to jump through the winter in Canada. If you are a student or a tandem it is pretty limited (and so cold anyway). As a certified jumper there are a few places around. Parachute School of Toronto used to have some jumping in the winter, but they are moving, so I don’t think they will be again.

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