Reverse Bucket list: reflecting on 2015


I wrote a reverse bucket list a year ago, and it allowed me to be grateful and put life into perspective.Ā  I was reflecting on the changes in my life this year and decided to do one for 2015. I think I will make one yearly to reflect on my accomplishments and things I should be grateful for.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11_Fotor
I am a ‘B’ licensed skydiver!

I encourage you all to try doing one! Here it is:

1. Started my dream job: in just a year I went back to school for a post-grad in public relations, obtained a great internship and landed my dream job.

2. Got my solo, A license and B license in skydiving all in one season. Iā€™m told this is hard to do.

3. Met an amazing circle of new friends. Skydiving is not just about jumping out of planes. The community is amazing and I feel so lucky to have met everyone is this sport.

Happy at our new barn.

4. Moved my horse to a new boarding facility. The place is not only beautiful, but it reminds me on a regular basis that competing is not everything. Enjoying my horse and where she lives is the most important thing.

5.Traveled in Ontario and had great experiences. This year was too busy to go on a long trip, but it forced me to discover great places in my backyard.

6. Made an Algonquin backcountry trip when I did not think I would fit one in.

7. Change: change is good. People grow, relationships change and I have learned to embrace this and the new people coming into my life.

Pet portraits.

8. Skating: I used to love skating, but time and life means I haven’t done much of it in years. This winter I found someone that likes skating as much as I do and we have managed to make a few trips already.

9. Built my customer base for my portrait business. I started drawing again in 2014, but in 2015 sales online and especially word of mouth took off.

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