Skydiving: B license

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 11_Fotor

Me flying over Skydive Burnaby and Lake Erie


Well it happened! I got my B license this season and it feels pretty awesome. Earlier this year I wrote about getting solo certified and getting my A license, so I am incredibly excited to say I also got my B this year!

I am a pretty goal oriented person, so having specific achievements to reach has been really important for me. There was a few times I thought I would not get the B license done this year, but I pushed through. This license level required the completion of three coach jumps, 360 turns on the back, a style series (360 R, 360 L, front loop, back loop, barrel roll R, barrel roll L) in under 16 seconds, 15 two-way jumps, safety and canopy briefings, and a written test. Plus a few more requirements on jump numbers and freefall time.

I struggled a bit with “side-slides” or sideways motion in the air during my coach jumps, so it felt good to finally complete that. I finally had only one jump left to do and Canadian whether started turning bad. The one benefit of that was that it gave my the opportunity to try out a few other local dropzones. My original will always be home, but I was glad for the experience of jumping in some new locations.

So I did it, I am a certified B license skydiver! I can’t wait for next year.

To celebrate I decided to put together some clips of my skydiving progression from my first few jumps to sucking slightly less now. It’s a shame I don’t have many of my most recent videos, but I hope you enjoy these.

7 Comments on “Skydiving: B license

  1. Congrats Maegan, that’s absolutely awesome. Tbis is something I’ve always wanted to do but I probably never will now. Far too scared of heights as I’ve got older. But good on you!

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