Rattlesnake Point for an afternoon hike.

photo 2
The main trail. Nice and flat.

Quiet holiday Mondays have a way of helping to discover hidden treasures. One of those treasures is Rattlesnake Point.

The sky was crystal clear and for May it was a beautiful hot morning. It was not a day to stay inside. But what could we do? Luckily I live a short drive from Rattlesnake point and have yet to visit.

The park is run by Conservation Halton and costs $6.75 to enter. There are hiking trails, biking, picnic areas, rock climbing and camping. As a backcountry camper I would likely not camp here, but for hiking it is perfect. I do appreciate the privacy of these camping sites given some of the car camping sites I have seen. Each site had a large buffer of trees between them.

photo 4

After finding a parking spot we headed to the trails. We were greeted by a beautiful view looking down from the escarpment. After a few minutes we decided to hit the trails. There is a long trail that leads towards Crawford Lake, but we elected for the shorter version through the forest.

This trail is wide and flat. It is an easy walk for any fitness level or a bike ride. A look-out gave us a beautiful view over the forest below the escarpment.  Before visiting I did not realize the prevalence of rock climbing at Rattlesnake, but it was a nice surprise to see the permanent anchors for climbers. There was a man with climbing gear and I would have loved to stick around and watch. Maybe I will climb next time!

photo 3
The Bruce Trail through Rattlesnake.

On our way back we decided to follow the Bruce Trail. This was a great decision. The Bruce Trail through Rattlesnake follows the cliff and the path is small and winding. This is the type of hiking I love! I also enjoyed the views along the cliff. We sat on a large bolder and watched a turkey vulture ride the wind currents. Our walk back to the car was peaceful and at times almost felt like a walk through Algonquin Park.

Rattlesnake point is a hidden gem that is a short drive from the city. There is a little of everything, so check it out.

One thought on “Rattlesnake Point for an afternoon hike.

  1. Great post Maegan. Been to Rattlesnake Point once about 10 years ago. At the time had a small involvement with the Ontario Access Coalition. http://www.ontarioaccesscoalition.com/
    Am no longer involved, just too busy. It was Earth Day back then, I was one of the volunteers, 1st cleaning up Milton, and then this conservation area, and some light climbing and a barbeque after. The pictures, particularly the Lookout are exactly as I remember it. (these things are timeless) 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing and the memories. 🙂

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