Show Your World – Jerez de la Fronterra

Beautiful evening in Jerez.

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We arrived to Jerez de la Fronterra, Spain late after a long train ride from Madrid. Dusk was falling, but a warmth lingered in the air. It was February but for us Canadians it was balmy. My first thoughts were how tropical it felt compared to Madrid. It makes sense being on/near the Mediterranean, but the variations in climate was impressive.

Our hotel room’s balcony overlooked trees full of vibrant fruit. Birds sang as though they did not realize it was supposed to be winter. Later that evening we left the hotel in search of dinner. Being the off season the streets were quiet. The stillness allowed us to enjoy walking cobblestone streets that were reminiscent of an older time. Streetlights cast a warm glow over the city. Illuminating beautiful statues of horses and lush foliage that spotted the city.  We passed the evening in an open air tapas restaurant listening to the gentle chatter of a sleepy town.

This town felt old and its equestrian focus was charming. It was the kind of place that encouraged exploration.

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