Share Your World: 2014 Week 47

This is in response to Cee’s Weekly Challenge. This week, in light of American Thanksgiving, we are asked to think of 50 things we enjoy.Β  Canadian Thanksgiving may have been several weeks ago, but this is a super way to reflect on what I have and am grateful for. Perfect at any time of year!

List 50 things I enjoy:

  1. Galloping through fields on my horse
  2. My cats Jude and Rigby

  3. My rabbit Rocky, who knew rabbits were such great pets!
  4. My horse Scout
  5. Being in the sky (skydiving)
  6. A good book on the beach
  7. University
  8. Learning
  9. Housemates (I miss living with a whole bunch of people)
  10. Cappuccinos
  11. Candycane hot chocolates
  12. Decorating Christmas trees
  13. Travelling
  14. My family
  15. My boyfriend
  16. My friends
  17. Spring and rejuvenation
  18. Sipping coffee outside on a summer morning
  19. Drawing and painting

    Camping with a good book.
  20. Getting in bed to fresh sheets
  21. Receiving mail
  22. Buying my horse new blankets πŸ˜‰
  23. Camping
  24. Canoeing
  25. Trail riding into town on my horse
  26. Ziplinning
  27. Sea kayaking (especially in rough water)
  28. Halloween
  29. Gilmore Girls reruns
  30. Making cookies
  31. Authentic tacos!
  32. Sitting around the campfire
  33. Archery (when I don’t suck)
  34. Horse driving/carriage
  35. Visiting new cities
  36. The south of Spain
  37. Wine tours
  38. San Fransisco
  39. Road trips with a fun group of people (thinkingIHSA trips)

    Painting and drawing.
  40. Staying in new hotels
  41. Writing
  42. Blogging
  43. A good debate on politics (poli-sci student here)
  44. Christmas morning
  45. Baking cookies
  46. Walking through the forest
  47. The first big snowfall of the year
  48. Cross country skiing
  49. An evening in with good friends
  50. Adventure

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