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Skydiving on a beach

  The sun was glimmering off the ocean below and I felt a warm breeze on my face. As I turned for final approach I scanned the beach below for hazards. There are certainly no lack on them; a volleyball net, palapas, rocks, palm…

An afternoon horseback riding in Mexico

  A warm salty breeze, crashing waves and the glow of a setting sun – I could not imagine a better backdrop to a horseback ride down the beach. We were visiting San Pancho in Nayarit, Mexico. 

Why you should leave the resort in Mexico.

  I’m surprised by how many people told me to stay near the hotels in Mexico. Resorts are beautiful, but you do not get the true feeling of a country on one. Always be cautious, but you can certainly journey off the resort. Just be aware…

Skydiving in the winter

Winter Skydiving

  For those of us that skydive regularly, jumping can be therapeutic. It is a brief escape from the 9 to 5 and a wonderful way to recharge.

Skydiving and getting lost in a farmer’s field

It was my birthday, my mom had agreed to try her first skydive, it was beautiful and warm out – I was pretty freaking pumped.

Hiking to Cotopaxi Volcano refugio: higher than a skydive

  My highest skydive is 14,000 and now I can say the highest I have stood on earth is 15,953 feet high.  An unique achievement which is thanks to my visit to Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador.

Ecuador volcanoes: sometimes you listen to the horses

“Well, if they run away, we have about 20 minutes to get to higher ground.” We were halfway up an active volcano in Banos, Ecuador, standing in the “canyon,” where pyroclastic flows travel during an eruption.

What to do on a 8 hour layover…

  …in Miami? The answer is not stay in the airport all day. Some advance googling proved it is relatively easy to travel in the immediate area of the Miami airport with a long enough layover. 

Ecuador in 9 days: Quito, Tena, Banos, Lasso

    South America has long been on my list. The culture, history and landscape fascinate me. Our search for an ideal South American destination brought us to Ecuador. The country seemed to be the perfect mix of culture, beautiful scenery, adventure and an…

Skydiving: another season comes and goes.

Fall has come and gone. The last few vibrant leaves cling to the trees as a crisp wind blows past.  For many this marks the end of our skydiving season. Some of us crazy people will visit the one dropzone that stays open all…