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San Pedro, Belize: secret beach, scuba diving and swimming with sharks

The last leg of our Belize trip was to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye – off the coast of mainland Belize. We split our trip between the mainland and the islands off the coast of Belize. There is such a contrast between continental life and…

Exploring the ancient Lamanai Ruins of Belize

A short walk through a dense jungle canopy and we emerged to Mayan ruins towering above us – almost like a walk back in time. The monkeys could be heard howling around us while they protested our early morning arrival. We were at Lamanai…

Belize: staying in a monkey sanctuary in Bermudian Landing

Winter is when we do most of our international travel

Colombia: Santa Marta and Crystal Beach

  After a few days in Cartagena, we were more comfortable navigating Colombia and my conversational Spanish was improving. We looked forward to our trip to explore the Northern Coast of Colombia. On to the next adventure!

Colombia: Cartagena and El Totumo

  Over the last year, we heard great things about travelling to Colombia. I was intrigued by the country, so it was natural pick for our next trip.

Saskatoon, conferences, and tips for work travel.

I am lucky that I get to travel for work. It get the opportunity to learn from new organizations and expand my peer network. But my work travel usually looks a lot like this: get off the plane, head to the hotel, sit in…